The Lebanon Mountain Trail Association (LMTA) successfully completed the fourth annual LMT Thru-Walk in April, which was dedicated to water and springs conservation on the Trail. The Thru-Walk spanned a full month (April 1-29) and brought together 250 hikers from more than a dozen countries including Armenia, England, France, Germany, Holland, Korea, Switzerland and the United States. Six hikers walked the entire trail and received certificates for completing the LMT’s 26 sections. This year, hikers started in Marjayoun in South Lebanon and walked north to Qbaiyat in Akkar. During the Thru-Walk, hikers spent 600 visitor-nights on the trail by staying in local guesthouses, monasteries, hotels and campsites where they enjoyed delicious meals and mouneh. In total, the Thru-Walk injected $30,000 (45 000 000 LL) in trailside communities. Beautiful photos from the Thru-Walk are available on the LMTA’s Facebook page

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